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Too old for TikTok?

I kind of just discovered TikTok. Which already tells you I might be getting on in years. My kids warned me to leave it well enough alone but oh no, I started putting up little bits of songs and clown. You should check it out if you're bored. The videos are so very short. For one, I actually sped it up so I sound like a chipmunk, just because I wanted to fit one more verse in. (Oh, I just remembered, that one's for later this week, I'm limiting myself to one a day). My most popular TikTok remains my "Has-Been-Hasel and the Dilemma": "I want to be with you, I need to take a poo, don't know what I should do..." I also busked today. There's nothing in the world that's better than busking. Except little kids. And chocolate. And there was a lovely little kid there today. And someone gave me a box of chocolates. I think Roncesvalles will be my new busking home so if you shop there you might see me some time. I also have permission to busk outside of Lola's (on Brock) Yay!

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