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Catching leaves

Below you will find a video I took today of me singing and playing "Autumn Leaves." I have always found transition seasons difficult. I'm fine in the winter or the summer, but spring and fall leave me feeling cold and anxious. I think it's no accident that so many songs and poems have been written for those seasons. It's late fall, so I felt that I should catch a few of the last falling leaves and record this song, even if it isn't polished to a shine. As my children grow and the years pass I have an insistent whisper in my soul that says "if not now, then when?" Anyway, enjoy! (And stay warm.) And add a comment about what this season is like for you.

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Haven Klassen
Haven Klassen
Nov 18, 2020

Thank you Susanna!


Beautiful song and singing Haven. It is so nice to hear your singing again.

I have a lot of difficulty with the passing of summer. I want it to last but don't want to live in a climate that does not have changing seasons like we do in Canada. So when the leaves begin to change colour and winter becomes inevitable I adjust and I do love the snow in the winter.

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